Two Minutes Of Your Time For A 10% Cash Rebate

If you're satisfied with your experience with Rinse Wizard so far, we'd love for you to leave us some positive 

feedback on Facebook in exchange for a 10% rebate on your recent purchase. We would really appreciate it, 

as it helps us reach more people and help spread awareness of proper washing machine hygiene.

There are absolutely zero-strings attached! Aside from the fact that this offer is only available for up to 48 

hours after your recent purchaseThis is because we have a very limited number of rebates available, and we 

honestly can't afford to keep this window open forever.

Step 1: Provide Your Feedback /Share Your Experience On Facebook

Click Here to find the video or photo you viewed

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Select "Leave Feedback", right next to our post.

Then click "Satisfied"

Choose "Customer Service", and then (if you want to) leave us a short note about what you liked most about 

your experience with us. This can involve the video or photo you viewed, how our website is laid out, or how 

your experience with our Customer Satisfaction team has been!

Step 2: Send Us A Confirmation E-Mail With A Screenshot

First, take a screenshot of your screen where it shows you've given feedback.

Then "Click Here" to send us a confirmation e-mail!

Step 3: Relax, & Wait For Us To Send You Your Money Back!

Within a couple days, our Customer Satisfaction team will review your request and send you your 10% 

Rebate from your order with us.

That means you'll get 10% back of whatever you spent with us!

Have any questions? No problem!

Send us an e-mail at: